Rollo Residence: Colour Study

4 03 2012

Kitchen: The pale yellow walls kept the area bright but the clients wanted a livelier colour in the space. I suggested a multi-shaded green backsplash by the stove as an economical but effective accent.


Sitting Area: As this room is open to the kitchen, I suggested the clients to paint the walls a shade of green that would be picked up in the kitchen backsplash and tie these two spaces together, helping them achieve their desire for more colour and character on the first floor.

Dining Room: Although the mauve chosen for this space is a beautiful colour, the minimal amount of natural light in this space made it quite a dark room. I think painting the back wall a vibrant red and off-setting it with off-white, bone coloured walls would really open up the space and add a point of visual interest to the room. To further accent that wall, the clients could mount a shelf resembling a mantle and prop a large framed mirror above it. Changing the single pendant down-light to a long rectangular one suspended over the table will provide a lot more light and get rid of the dark corners in the room.

Second Floor Master Bathroom:The cabinets are in good condition and have vertical grooves running along the panels, which make for a subtle but charming pattern. All that needs to be changed are the outdated handles to modern stainless steel that can be easily found at home improvement stores or IKEA. For colour I suggest a light marine blue paint to complement the honey brown colour of the cupboards and the white countertop.


Biodegradable Awesomeness

19 04 2010

Biodegradable bowl and plate sets you can throw in your compost bin after a patio party! Awesome. I’ve been waiting for cornstarch dishes to arrive in North America for a long time. I hope they will introduce cornstarch take-out containers soon. These ones featured in Now magazine are by President’s Choice. Go Canada!

Talk about Maximizing Small Spaces!

3 02 2010

Architect Gary Chan creates a “Domestic Transformer” in a 600 square feet Hong Kong apartment.  See video on Planet Green.

DIY Painting For Interior Spaces

20 01 2010

Basics of painting using a roller:

The “W” Method

If you are getting vertical lines with the “W” method using the roller, try this method:

The “+” Method

Note that this is not usually the method professionals use as it takes longer, but it is helpful for DIY-ers to get a more uniform coat on their walls.

Commercial Washrooms Get Updated

15 12 2009

As part of the basement re-design scheme for Scarborough Community Alliance Church, phase one has been completed before year-end. The project cost ended up being less than the budgeted $3000 (after taxes) including material and labour costs. Money left over may contribute to replacing the sink vanities in 2010.

Women's WashroomWomen's Washroom
Shifted a flourescent light toward the back of the washroom to accomodate the lack of light near the toilet partitions. Old sagging ceiling tiles were losing their structural integrity due to water damage, bacteria and mold. We replaced them with USGBC (US Green Building Council) compliant ceiling tiles.
Women's WashroomWomen's Washroom
Softer lighting effect created by adding pot lights at the vanity counter.
Women's WashroomMen's Washroom
Part of the budget incorporated new commercial-grade soap dispensers, and slim profile garbage can and towel dispenser. The men get urinal partitions!!
Men's WashroomMen's Washroom
Splash guards to cover the rust.
Men's Washroom
New commercial grade washroom accessories. Slim profiles to maximize entry space.

Boomerang Paints

11 12 2009

Boomerang Paint is post-consumer recycled paint (which is great because post-industrial recycled products don’t divert household garbage from landfills). Boomerang’s colour selection is limited to 16 common shades of interior latex paint and 2 shades of interior latex primer (light and dark). Unless you’re hard-pressed to use one specific shade of colour only, why not choose a shade of Boomerang paint close to the colour palette you had in mind?

The paint colours can be viewed on their website:

Unfortunately, Boomerang paint recycling depots are currently not available in the Greater Toronto Area. It would be a wholly sustainable process if they were, but the product and price make it a good option already.