Commercial Washrooms Get Updated

15 12 2009

As part of the basement re-design scheme for Scarborough Community Alliance Church, phase one has been completed before year-end. The project cost ended up being less than the budgeted $3000 (after taxes) including material and labour costs. Money left over may contribute to replacing the sink vanities in 2010.

Women's WashroomWomen's Washroom
Shifted a flourescent light toward the back of the washroom to accomodate the lack of light near the toilet partitions. Old sagging ceiling tiles were losing their structural integrity due to water damage, bacteria and mold. We replaced them with USGBC (US Green Building Council) compliant ceiling tiles.
Women's WashroomWomen's Washroom
Softer lighting effect created by adding pot lights at the vanity counter.
Women's WashroomMen's Washroom
Part of the budget incorporated new commercial-grade soap dispensers, and slim profile garbage can and towel dispenser. The men get urinal partitions!!
Men's WashroomMen's Washroom
Splash guards to cover the rust.
Men's Washroom
New commercial grade washroom accessories. Slim profiles to maximize entry space.



7 responses

18 12 2009

Any photos of the men’s?

19 12 2009

Yes. The men’s washroom desperately needed splash guards to cover rust on their toilet partitions. The washrooms also received new urinal partitions, which were not there before!

19 12 2009

I am going to assume that budgetary requirements came into play, but looking at your design and a couple of things come to mind.

-Is there a particular reason why the washrooms are not using a touchless motion-activated system?
-Why are there paper towels still used? Or is this a better environmental choice?

23 12 2009

Thanks for your comment Allan.

Many commercial fixtures that are motion-sensored and electrically powered are quite expensive. Although they were considered for this project, they were not chosen due to the reasons that they:

a) exceeded the budget.
b) are efficient fixtures for high traffic areas, but not necessary for the number of occupants currently using the spaces.

Decospace therefore opted for Envirologic® paper towels, made from 100% recycled fibre and contain one of the highest post-consumer material percentages in the industry. They are entirely biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

4 01 2010
Rob Chang

Improvements look good. Well done!

21 02 2010

Although I haven’t seen this washroom in person, your words hold true. It looks really good and the potlights are a great idea! Don’t think I’ve seen that in a washroom before. BTW, who is using the men’s washroom in the “before” pics? I feel really bad for the cleaning staff.

22 02 2010

As you can see, the men’s washroom has been well used for 25 years now! The pot lights are great for the women’s washroom because it provides proper lighting – the flourescent lamp no longer casts a back shadow.

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